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Calligrapher, artist, biomedical engineer,
scientific visualization expert and passionate with in silico neuroscience.

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Master's Thesis


High Performance Fourier Volume Rendering on Graphics Processing Units ( GPUs )
Biomedical Engineering Department, School of Engineering
Cairo University, Egypt
Academic Graduation Year
Prof. Dr. Ayman I. Eldeib
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amr A. Shaarawi
Prof. Dr. Yasser M. Kadah, Jury President
Prof. Dr. Mohamed I. Eladawy, External Examiner
Prof. Dr. Ayman I. Eldeib, Thesis Main Advisor
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amr A. Shaarawi, Thesis Co-advisor


The past several years have seen tremendous advances in volume visualization techniques that have been used broadly in medical imaging. In particular, volume rendering has received a considerable attention in this area. However, spatial domain volume rendering has achieved a wide acceptance from scientists and physicians, but this category of rendering techniques was associated with constrains due to their O(N3) time-complexity for a volume of N3, which limited their usability in several aspects. Fourier Volume Rendering (FVR) is an alternative technique that operates on the frequency spectrum of the volume with lower time complexity of order O(2 log N) relying on the projection-slice theory. This technique allows the generation of attenuation-only renderings or projections of volumetric data that look like x-ray radiographs. It has been used extensively in digital radiography. In this work, a high performance pure GPU-accelerated implementation for the Fourier volume rendering pipeline is proposed to achieve 30X of speed up over a hybrid implementation by mapping the entire pipeline to be executed on the GPU.


    • Full dissertation, high quality

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